How to find a product

You can find all our products with 2 ways

  • From the main menu you can choose the desired category. Then click on the product if you want additional information about it, otherwise click Add to Cart and it will automatically be added to your options
  • From the Search on the upper point of the site. Search by choosing whichever criteria you want or all

What can i do if i do not find the product im looking for

If despite your search on our site you cant find the product you are looking for then you can order it either electronically or via telephone

How can i navigate your site?

On the shelves of our e-shop you can find a plethora of products at your disposal with one click. For your convenience we have divided this great number of products into categories where you can navigate and find the product you wish for. In case you are looking for something specific, use the search button to be immediately directed to that product

What is the order basket

It works exactly like a regular basket. You can Add Products on the basket you are interested to buy, but you can also remove it with the Remove button. The fact that a product is added to the cart does not mean that you have bought it. You must take additional steps to buy it. In your basket you have the ability to see what you have added to the basket and how much it costs as well as the total price

How can i order?

Find the products you are interested in via the mechanisms offered by our sites. Click on the Add to Backet besides the products to add it to the eshop basket.

When you finish your purchases click on the link Complete Order  Which you can find on the bottom of the product list on your basket. After that you will be asked to pick a Payment Way and Shipment option

Alternatively you can order via telephone

Orders placed on Public Holidays will be processed the next working day

Has my order been completed?

After you have given the recipient information and press Complete Order, there will be a message that will notify you when the order is complete. In this message you will find the order code which you should keep

There is a product missing from my order. What can i do?

Στο κατάστημα μας είμαστε ιδιαίτερα προσεκτικοί στο θέμα της άμεσης αλλά και σωστής εξυπηρέτησής σας. Αν παρόλα αυτά εντοπίσετε κάποια παράλειψη στην παραγγελία σας έχετε τις παρακάτω δυνατότητες.

  • Send us an e-mail, which will have the order code or the name that is ordered in and the missing product.
  • Contact us via telephone.

How can i know the stage of my order?

On the main page of the site on the bottom segment you will find the Orders link. In that link you can see the stage of your order.

You can also contact us via telephone.

How can i cancel an order?

Order cancellation can be done in two ways. In both cases you will need the order ID or the name and date that is was made. These ways are:

  • Via e-mail 
  • Via telephone

Can i return a defective product?

Our store guarantees the quality of our products starting from our suppliers and although our company. If however you are sent a defective product you can contact our store.

Please note that returns are only accepted if:

  • You contact our store via telephone
  • The product has not been worn further than the test
  • The special label of our store as well as the labels of the product have not been removed or damaged in any way
  • No parts have been removed or any modifications made.
  • All product accessories such as box, warranty and proof of purchase are returned, as all of the above are part of the product
  • If the product is accompanied by a gift, it must be returned with the product

How can i pay?

E-commerce has been connected in the mind of the customer with the use of credit card. Our customers have in their disposal many ways to pay to feel safer. These ways are:

Pay on delivery: Upon the product pickup you will have to to pay our associate which brought you the order simple and safe. Also you can pay on the store upon pick-up.

Deposit on bank account: After learning the exact amount with the shipping cost, you can make a deposit in one of our shops accounts.

Credit cards: If you have a credit card you can use it securely through your order form. There is no danger as we follow the latest developments in the transaction security field.

Are my transactions secure via credit card?

The payment procedure via credit cards is covered by the most modern security standards and are executed by redirecting in a secure enviroνment in which bank transactions are executed with our partner bank.

Which credit cards are accepted in your store?

Visa, Mastercard

When can i expect my order?

We try to send out our orders as soon as possible 

  • Large Urban Centers: (1-3) Business Days (depending on Courier's workload)
  • Islands: (2-4) Business Days (depending on Courier's workload)
  • Remote and Inaccessible Areas: (2-5) Working Days (depending on Courier's workload)

* The above delivery times exist from the moment your order is completed and packaged by our company and not from the date and time at which you placed your order.

** Due to weather conditions there may be delays in delivery to inaccessible (based on the list of inaccessible courier areas) areas of Greece.

How can i open an account?

To open an acoount you need to Register as a new member on the menu and completing the form. With the successful creation of your account you will be sent and email with an activation link, which will you will follow to activate your account. If you lose your email you can resent if by login in .There you will be notified that the account has not been activated and you will be given the possibility to reset the activation link